Vladimir Peshich’s Collection consist of paintings and works of applied art, primarily by Russian and Serbian artists, as well as works by foreign artists, icons, and unique ivory antiques.

Vladimir developed a fondness for art in his family. He came to Moscow as a child, where he got to know Soviet artists and got to visit famous museums together with his father Dusan Peshich, a top journalist and famous correspondent of the newspaper “Politika”. He lived in Moscow from 1983 to 1997, where he finished not only high school, but also the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

Vladimir’s ancestors began to form the family collection at the beginning of the 20th century.

The turning point for the idea of forming and significantly expanding the family collection happened during Gorbachev’s perestroika, when the first auction of paintings of the famous Sotheby’s house was held in Moscow 1988. Exactly that event made Vladimir Peshich even more interested in works of art. Vladimir bought the first painting in Moscow in 1989 in a Moscow commission store. And later, when he visited in London in 1990, the auction of Russian paintings organized by “Sotheby’s”, he started searching for and buying valuable paintings by famous Russian artists with great passion and love. Beside the paintings, he began collecting icons and unique antiques.

During the past years, Vladimir Peshich became an internationally acclaimed collector. He is a member of The International Confederation of Collectors, Antique & Art Dealers of Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), CINOA (The International Confederation of Art & Antique Dealer Associations engaged in the conservation, protection and promotion of antiques and art works) and DAS (Society of Antique Dealers of Serbia).

Thanks to many years of life and work in Moscow, Vladimir Peshich has established excellent business and friendly relations with experts who are able to estimate what is really an original and what is a skillfully made forgery. His authority among Russian art lovers certainly contributes to the reputation of Serbian collectors outside the borders of Serbia.

The art lovers and people who appreciate valuable paintings believe in Vladimir Peshich’s selection and expertise and are well acquainted with Vladimir Peshich’s Collection and his work.

Works of art from Vladimir Peshich’s Collection have been presented on many exhibitions, as well at several prestigious antique salons in Moscow. The last time a part of his collection was exhibited at the elite 46th Russian Antiques salon. The value of Vladimir Peshich’s Collection is recognized by the fact that the paintings were exhibited in the prestigious part of the “Gostiny Dvor” hall, of an elite exhibition space near Moscow’s Red Square.

Vladimir Peshich brought the painting “The Whirlwind”, a masterpiece by Filip Andreevich Maliavin, to Russia from abroad. Until that moment, this painting was unknown to the general public and art historians as well. During 2019, the painting was exhibited three times in Russia: in the heart of Moscow, next to the walls of Kremlin, in the Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”, then in the elite exhibition space of “Gostiny Dvor” and in the Plyos State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum. The painting sparked a real storm in artistic circles. TASS, Russia’s leading state news agency, called the painting a masterpiece in its report on the Manege exhibition, and a journalist from the „Russia-24“, all-Russian state-run federal news channel, said: „A pearl, until now unknown painting by Maliavin.“ The reporter of the central television channel, the all-Russian state federal television channel “Russia 1”, in the report from the opening of the exhibition in the State Museum in Plyos, gave a high grade to this masterpiece: “This masterpiece by Filip Andreevich Maliavin, painting “The Whirlwind”, would be a highlight in any gallery“.
The painting is exhibited in Russia only for the second time; it produced a “furore” at the exhibition in Moscow’s “Manege”. They called the painting „The Russian Mona Lisa”.

Vladimir Peshich has provided a comprehensive support in publishing catalogs, monographs and books in the field of fine arts, provided financial support to museums and for his help in preparing the exhibition and catalog of the artist Vasily Timm he was awarded the title “Friend of the Latvian National Museum of Art”.

From January 22 to March 13, 2022, in the City Museum Vrsac, art works from Vladimir Peshich’s Collection were exhibited under the title “The brilliance of Russian painters”. Originally, the exhibition was supposed to last until February 27, but due to the great interest of the public, the City Museum Vrsac extended its duration until March 13. From May 19 to August 23, “The Russian House” in Belgrade hosted the exhibition “The Brilliance of Russian Painters”, but this exhibition had a new concept. Due to the great interest of the public, the exhibition at “The Russian House” was not closed on June 14 as originally planned. The paintings of Russian artists delighted the Serbian public and guests of the capital until the end of August.

Numerous collective and individual visits of both exhibitions, news and reports in the culture sections and central news programs of the most important Serbian media, indicate both the value of the exhibited paintings and the quality of the exhibition concept.

Interest in Vladimir Peshich’s Collection is constantly growing because he is constantly adding new works of art.

The goal and motto of Vladimir Peshich’s work is to preserve art as a cultural heritage and show it to the audience and future generations.

Vladimir I. Peshich

Vladimir Peshich at the family stand at the 46 Russian Antique Salon, Moscow, April 2021.

Vladimir Peshich at the family stand at the Russian Antique&Art Fair at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow, April, 2019.

Vladimir  Peshich at the family stand at the 44 Russian Antique Salon, Moscow,  October 2018.