Creation of the artist Filipp Maliavin. Painting „Whirlwind “.

The greatest masterpiece of Filip Maliavin, painting „Whirlwind “. Vladimir Pešić Collection of Russian Art.

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In the autumn of 1922, Maliavin and his family went abroad. The first exhibition of fine arts of the RSFSR was opened in the capital of Germany, where Maliavin’s paintings were exhibited. He then went to France and settled in Paris.

In 1924 he exhibited his works at several exhibitions: at „Salon des Independants“ he presented a painting brought from Russia „Portrait of the Author with his Family“ and a large portrait of the ballerina, A. M.

Baloshova. His first solo exhibition was held in June in the „Charpentier“ gallery.

The Parisian audience appreciated the mighty talent of Maliavin. They were attracted by the novelty and sharpness of the characters, which were different to everything they have seen by that time.

Despite the fact that Maliavin has gained international recognition, he remained from head to toe the son of the Russian village. He was in love with the image of the Russian folk women just as pagan is in love with his idol. Maliavin’s fanatic devotion to his theme hasn’t weaken in emigration – the artist continued to develop the same themes: images of Russian folk women and folk celebrations.

In 1933 Maliavin created one of the greatest monumental paintings „Troika“. The painting is an unusual interpretation of the legendary image. Troika is depicted from behind, and this unusual angle of view adds to dynamism and evokes a sense of movement.

The art of Maliavin is one of the brightest phenomena in the art of the late 19th and early 20th century. Like every great artist, he had his own world of characters, his own pictorial language – bright and unique.

Through his art he created a multifaceted gallery of folk people of tremendous power and creativity. His drawings are the legacy of the highest value.

F. A. Maliavin is a deeply Russian artist. Russian, not only for his devotion to Russian folk characters, but for painting technique itself – bright and powerful. His paintings were born through inspiration, creativity and extraordinary enthusiasm.

The author of the article Vladimir Pešić


F. A. Maliavin «Whirlwind». Oil on canvas. 100 х 130 см. Collection of Vladimir Pešić.


F. A. Maliavin «A sleigh ride». 1933. Oil on canvas. 200.7 х 223.5 см. Christie’s, 1 December 2009, lot 425, sold for $ 856.566.


F. A. Maliavin «Self portrait of the artist with his wife and daughter». 1909-1911. Oil on canvas. 287 х 235 см. Khanty-Mansiysk, Yugra, The State Art Museum.

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