Russian Mona Lisa. The greatest masterpiece of Filip Maliavin, painting „Whirlwind “.

Vladimir Pešić Collection of Russian Art

Part 3

In 1920s – 1930s F. Maliavin creates, by the opinion of many, his greatest masterpiece, the painting „Whirlwind“.

The painting is filled with indescribable and amazing positive energy. The girl, overflown by emotions, with closed eyes and spread arms, starts her dance, obliviously spinning around. Her dress, that follows her body, spins like a whirlwind.

She is presented in a dynamic spin, with face that is focused and oblivious at the same time. Her whole figure, her colorful whirling clothes, enhance the impression of unrestrained Russian dance and endless movement, that reflect the depth, temperament and passion of the Russian soul.

The painting was first presented to the public in Russia at the Central Exhibition Hall „Manege“ in Moscow, where it was the most dominant piece of the 2019 RA&AF exhibition. Audience, as well as art historians and the press representatives, were delighted by this painting of Filip Maliavin.

Quotes from the press:

From the report by journalist Zinaida Kurbatova of Russia 24 TV channel: „The unknown pearl, the genre painting by Filip Maliavin. It belongs to Vladimir Pešić, Serb by origin, who has been working in Moscow for a long time. His grandfather was also an art collector, who collected Russian art as well“.

From a radio program by Dmitry Butkevich, a columnist for Kommersant FM:
I will highlight those whom I haven’t seen in Russia for a very long time, the Pešić Family Collection. My old friends from Belgrade own a magnificent dance by Filip Maliavin, which many people call the top piece of the entire Salon.

TASS news agency

From the report: The masterpiece of F. A. Maliavin „Whirlwind“ will be the most dominant piece of the Pešić Family stand.

The greatest masterpiece of Filip Maliavin, the painting „Whirlwind“ will be presented to the public from June 7 to August 18, 2019 in the Plyos State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum.

The author of the article Vladimir Pešić


F. A. Maliavin «Peasant, covering her mouth with a shawl». Oil on canvas. 153 х 104 см. Sotheby’s, 5 November 2008, lot 256, sold for $ 602.500.


Collector Vladimir Pešić next to the painting «Whirlwind» at the RA&AF at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow, April, 2019.


F. A. Maliavin «Russian beauty». Oil on canvas. 106.6 х 71.7 см. Sotheby’s, 6 June 2011, lot 47, sold for $ 791.079.

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