„Novosti“ newspaper

„Novosti“ newspaper

Serbia. January 24th 2022



SIGNIFICANT COLLECTION PRESENTED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SERBIA: “The Brilliance of Russian Painters” exhibition by Vladimir Peshich opened in Vrsac

Vladimir Peshich from Belgrade, a famous collector of Russian antiques and, above all, works of Russian artists who at one point lived and worked in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, exhibited parts of his rich collection several times in Moscow and throughout Europe, and now he decides to show it in his own Serbia.

In the City Museum Vrsac, long-prepared exhibition “The Brilliance of Russian Painters” was opened this weekend. The collection consists of 29 valuable paintings and 6 icons.

Peshich chose Vrsac for his first exhibition in Serbia, because his maternal grandfather comes from that exact South Banat town. Also, after the October Revolution, one of the most famous Russian artists, whom he personally greatly appreciates, from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, Nikolai Dmitrievich Kuznetsov (1850-1929), lived and worked in Vrsac. Four of his portraits are exhibited, as well as works by nine other painters.

– I have been preparing for this exhibition for ten years. It was not only a matter of time needed for its realization, but I also needed to collect enough appropriate paintings, especially because on this exhibition I wanted to present Russian painters who worked in Banat. Apart from Kuznetsov, there are also works by Vladimir Pavlovich Zelinsky, who lived in the Russian Village near Kikinda, and Alexander Ivanovich Lazhechnikov from Zrenjanin  – Peshich reveals for “Novosti”.

He says that his wish is to organizе similar exhibitions in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Kragujevac.

– The content of these settings would be different, thematically closer to the city where the exhibition is held – explains our interlocutor.

Nikola Kusovac, retired museum advisor, estimates that everything that Peshich does, starting with creating an impressive art collection, on his own account and without anyone’s help, is a good guideline for our country, i.e. its institutions for the protection of cultural and artistic heritage.

– Guided by the immeasurable love, Peshich took over the role of a specialized museum-gallery institution. In accordance with the effort, collected necessary data, acquired knowledge, learning about scientific and archival materials, by examining the situation on the locations, especially in the market of works of art and antiques, and of course according to his own financial possibilities, the forms of one significant and special art collection began to take shape. This exhibition in Vrsac actually testifies in the best way about the nature and achievements of that collection – points out Kusovac.

The Museum in Vrsac announces that next year they will organize a joint exhibition, in cooperation with Peshich, for the hundredth anniversary of the first exhibition of Nikolai Kuznetsov in Vrsac.


VLADIMIR Peshich developed a fondness for art and Russian painting together with his father Dusan Peshich, a famous correspondent of the newspaper “Politika” from Moscow. Vladimir bought the first painting in Moscow in 1989 in a Moscow commission store, and today he is a distinguished member of The International Confederation of Collectors, Antique & Art Dealers of Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), as well as a member of Society of Antique Dealers of Serbia.