Very rare and important icon
Saint Nicholas the Miracleworker (Nyrobsky)

The first icon of St. Nicholas the Miracleworker (Nyrobsky) ever to be offered on the market.
The other known icon of St. Nicholas the Miracleworker (Nyrobsky) is in Cherdyn museum of local lore named by A. S. Pushkin.

End of the XIX – beginning of the XX century
A.V. Fedoseev’s workshop in village Pokcha (Perm province)
29.5 x 23.0 cm
Wood, gesso, mixed media

CONDITION REPORT: The icon is in very good condition.


The icon is related to Romanov dynasty. Please read the following extract from the expertise:
The icon is a list of “the extent and likeness” with the locally appeared image of Saint Nicholas the Miracleworker in the village Nyrob (present-day Perm region). The village is known as a place of exile of
Boyar Mikhail Nikitich Romanov in 1601, imprisoned here by the order of Tsar Boris Godunov in a hole, and died there one year later. The image was uncovered close to the village in 1613 (according to other sources in 1619), in the beginning of the reign of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov.

The icon has an exceptional historical and cultural significance because of the
uniqueness of its iconography. It has artistic, scientific and museum value.


Komashko Natalia Ignatievna,
• The Academic Secretary of the Central Andrey Rublev museum of Ancient Russian Culture and Art, Moscow.
• A member of the National Organization of Russian Art Experts.
• Approved expert of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, authorized to make expertises for cultural values, declared for import, export, temporary export, returned after temporary export, as well as confiscated or detained by customs and law enforcement authorities, specialization: objects of religious cult (iconography, XVI-XX century).
Justification: Order of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation from February 26, 2014, № 341.


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