One of the outstanding Russian artists of animalist genre, landscape painter. Essentially, painted in academic realism style with some elements of impressionism, he remains faithful to the precepts of a good old school, and, standing aside from all innovations, wins his sincerity. His palette is fresh and sunny; the drawing is clear, truthful.

Signed lower right
Oil on canvas
58,7 х 90,5 см


Artist Konstantin Visotsky posthumous painting exhibition, 23 October – 6 November, 1938, Riga, published in the catalogue under number 33.


Mākslinieka Konstantīna Visotska pēcnāves gleznu izstādes katalogs, Rīgā, Elizabetes ielā 55, no 1938.gada 23.oktobra – 6.novembrim.


Nina Lapidus, art historian, expert in Russian art, curator of the Russian paintings in the Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga from 1969 to 1995, member of the Artists’ Union of Latvia.

Author of the articles: “Konstantin Visotsky”, page 75, encyclopedia “Art and Architecture in Biographies”, Volume 4, publishing house “Preses nams”, 2003, Riga. The article “Konstantin Semenovich Visotsky”, book “Pokrovskoe kladbishe. Slava i Zabvenie” (The Pokrovsky cemetery. Glory and Oblivion), publishing house “Multi centrs”, Riga, 2004. Article “V dali ot rodnih beregov” (Far from the native shores), the magazine “Berega” (Shores), an informational-analytical collection about the Russian diaspora, pages 27-30, Saint-Petersburg, 2009.


The painting is in perfect condition.


Price on request.

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1864 — 1938

Painter, graphic artist

In 1885–1891 studied at Moscow School of painting, sculpture and architecture (MUZhVZ), under the guidance of Vladimir Makovsky, Vasily Polenov, Evgraf Sorokin and Illarion Pryanishnikov.

For his studies, Vysotsky was awarded two small silver medals. He finished the School with title of non-class (free) artist.

In 1890s painted landscapes, scenes of country life, and historical paintings. He also drew illustrations to the books The Captain’s Daughter by A. S. Pushkin, Stories by D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak, and The Ravaged Nest by A. S. Slivinsky.

Vysotsky took part in exhibitions of Moscow Association of Artists (MTKh, 1895–1897, 1899, 1916), Moscow Society of Art Lovers (1897–1899, 1904, 1906), the Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions (TPKhV, 1908–1918), the art circle Sreda (“Environment”, 1918), and in exhibitions in the gallery Lemercier (1912, 1913). Works of Vysotsky were published in the magazines Niva (“Field”), Rodina (“Homeland”) and Sever (“North”).

After 1918 lived in Latvia. Konstantin Vysotsky had solo exhibitions in Russia before the Revolution and in Riga (1921, 1928, 1930, 1938). He participated in exhibition of Russian artist emigrants: Copenhagen (1927, 1929), Prague (1928), Berlin (1930), Los Angeles (1932), Helsinki, London etc.

Works of Konstantin Vysotsky are in the collection of the Russian Museum of History and Culture in Prague, and in private collections.

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